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AirPods Cases and Covers for Airpods and AirPods Pro

If you have just bought new AirPods, welcome to the community. Steve Jobs was cool, but he never got to see the AirPods. AirPods are the new raging trend for millennials and once you start using one – you know why they are so cool.

If you have decided to gift one to yourself or one of your loved ones – thanks for being so kind, the world can use some coolness! The next logical step would be to gift them some cute AirPods cases.

Whether you are using AirPods 1, 2 or Pro – you have to take care of your AirPods. Every AirPods user understands the use of the case:

  1. It helps you keep your AirPods charged.
  2. It protects your AirPods from the dust. They also act as good shock absorbers; just in case you end up committing the ultimate sin of dropping your AirPods.

But wait – that’s not all. Best AirPods cases will also act as an avenue where you can express yourself. And in the age of Instagram and Snapchat traffic, we all are always looking for a new platform to express our passion. Your AirPods cases can serve as one. Read along to find out how!


Show your passion for your favourite shows with our themed AirPods cases. 

Believe it or not, whenever you plan to pull your AirPods from the case or plan to put them on charging at your workplace, people will notice your AirPods case.

If your case is the usual, stock one – it will generally go unnoticed. But imagine, walking up to a charging point or someone’s desk and seeing a Rick & Morty AirPods case.  

If you love a show, you must let the world know more about it. Best AirPods Pro cases might also become the reason for striking a conversation with a special someone. After all, who wouldn’t talk to someone carrying a cute AirPods case in the shape of a Pokémon! or a Minion shaped Airpods case


Use them as a thoughtful yet pocket-friendly gift!

We understand that Apple produces some cool AirPods. But not all of us have the resources to gift an AirPods to everyone we know. Guess what – you can still put a smile on the faces of your near and dear ones by gifting them new AirPods cases.

Imagine – you open up a gift wrapper, and you are greeted by a designer AirPods case. As soon as you discover that it is an AirPods case, you know life will get better. So, even if you can’t gift your friends an AirPods, you can still gift them an AirPods case.

This is not just for your relationships. Have a boss or a client coming up? You don’t have to go through the same old corporate gifting cycle. Pick up a leather AirPods case and use this as your gift. Are you attending a conference? You can carry a few there. When people see you using one, they will walk up to you and ask you more about your stylish AirPods case. 

From there, you can gift one to your newly generated leads. Thank us later for the increased business and year-end bonus!


Be the relative we all wanted!

If you get to know that your cousin, nephew, niece, child or student is being gifted an AirPods – now is the opportunity for you to turn into the relative we all wanted.

Gifting an AirPods is very cool. But do you know what’s cooler? Going through the section of AirPods cases for girls or boys on PodJacket™ and gifting one to your little one! His or her parents might get some credit for gifting the AirPods, but you will still be remembered as the cool uncle/aunt who got the super-exciting AirPods case.  


You don’t wear the same clothes throughout the week. Why use the same AirPods case!

Stock AirPods cases look like they have been brought right from the future. That said, after a few weeks or months of usage, you will start seeing scratches and dust on them. There’s nothing wrong with the build quality of your AirPods case. It’s just everyday wear and tear.

Think about it – how would you feel, if you had a new AirPods case for every new week? You can use a unique AirPods case each week and get the feel of using a new device, without shedding excessive money on a new AirPods now and then. 

Not just this – you can choose an AirPods case for every occasion where you are carrying your AirPods. We know it is refreshing to have a McDonald’s themed AirPods case, but it wouldn’t look equally cool at a business meeting. When you don’t wear the same attire across different occasions and days, why make your AirPods go through the atrocity of being in the same AirPods case! Mix and match a new AirPods case with your event, dress and even mood! 


You can get your AirPods cases and accessories!

We know – some of our customers are just too creative. Once they go through our massive range of options, they want to go creative with their AirPods cases and add accessories to them. We know the love you have for your AirPods and their cases. And that’s why we have a special section for AirPods cases and accessories

If you are a basketball fan or just way too into sneakers or want to look cool between your gang of sneakerheads – you will love this one. We have a unique collection of 3D printed sneakers that you can string along with your AirPods cases. Now you can proudly say you own an Air Jordan and it is attached to the next coolest thing – your AirPods case!

Start exploring our collection at PodJacket™. That’s not all – we have a ton of exciting offers for you. If you are feeling lucky, get started with your AirPods case shopping and don’t forget to participate in our exclusive spin-the-wheel offers! 

Start 2020 in style and get a new AirPods case for yourself and your friends & family – right now!


Secure website and great product, I am very impressed with the quality of AirPods case I brought, thank you

Jen Batista

I brought the rick and morty case, the delivery was fast and the case fits well and looks great, 5 stars to your team

Jayden Taylor

Delighted with my AirPods Pro case, the delivery was quick, everyone keeps complimenting me about the case.. BIGG thumbs up!

Robin Hill

Great AirPod cases, Ill buy more soon, thanks

Jade McQueen

Great Quality and Fast Delivery, happy to give this company 5 stars 

Sonia Zinman

10/10 for the quality and speedy delivery, they kept me updated on the order and delivery

Heather Jones
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